Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I came, I saw, I conquered Google Analytics!

HTML and anything to do with computer coding that really looks like the nice way of typing curse words.. is not for those easily defeated. And tonight. I have proven valiant. I have conquered!

As bad as I am at math, I still can reason..and deduce logic. Which is really what math is, ironically. But I was never bad at math because I could not get it, I just had better things to do than practice till I got it right. Even more ironic is that math was my best subject in prep school.

But back to the war with HTML.

Google explains it pretty clearly. I had not completed the inclusion of the metatags when I opened the Analytics account some years ago for this blog.

Don't worry, I can't see, and have no interest in finding out your IP address of if you are secretly searching porn on the internet. I just wanted to know if anyone, other than my few dedicated commentators had found any interest in my random mumbo jumbo.

It is a personal blog. Like that isn't already painfully obvious right? And due to the nature of my current assignment, I cannot name even the country in which I work...which is why I aptly refer to it as the Island Behind God's Back. This is rather sad to me because there is so much juicy news here that I could really start an internet riot. Such is life.

Since I now recognise that I have readers from foreign-lands, I feel it necessary to highlight the fact that I can actually spell. I may have a few typos here and there-so bear with me-but I also spell British english... so "centre" is "centre" and not "center" and "harbour" is "harbour" and not "harbor." And, as a child from fertile Jamaican soil. I also write in my native language, commonly referred to as "JamaicanPatois" but having studied linguistics in university (electives), I submit that it is a language all unto itself.

So "chile" is "child".. and so is "pickney."

Most Jamaicans are actually bi-lingual, speaking both in our mother tongue and the official English language taught in school. And like any native speaker of another language, some things cannot be literally translated without losing meaning.

Having said that, mi glad fi unno company (I am glad for your company).

And since I am fast becoming HTML Queen, I hope to make this blog even more interactive and fun so that you will return.

Walk good.


Azikiwe said...

"I can't see, and have no interest in finding out your IP address of if you are secretly searching porn on the internet."

...somehow , i have the funny feeling that you know how to do this.


Sheer Almshouse said...

Dont worry hon... your secret is safe with me ;)

Azikiwe said...

DWL ! ;-)

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