Wednesday, February 25, 2009

"Deep financial cow-dung"

That was a quote from the Gleaner writer. Daviot Kelly, an apt description, if there ever was, of the financial drama that the US economy is playing lead role in. In true US cultural (and financial penetration), the rest of the world has found itself in the same prekeh.

But others also use this US recession as an excuse to cover up the realities of their own crappy fiscal management.

Another late pay date. Two months in a row. No visible end in sight.

Today is the day in the contract. It was announced in the media that it would have been ready (so I hear) by Monday. Monday come and gone and by the looks of it, so will today. It could be Friday. It could be March 5.

I have two dollars in my pocket and $255 owed to me by another person who does not think me hungry enough to pay me back. I guess portly people should never lend money. It was actually $300 that I had given on loan but upon request one month later, only $45 was paid back...the rest due by pay date (for January).

So, I will have the last of the yogurt, and by tomorrow, I will have to dig deeper into my hurricane food (all the dry and canned goods that nobody really wants to eat everyday).

Bottom line is that in this uncertain climate, I am still most grateful to have an income, no matter how late.

It was a good thing I took this contract when I did or I would be suffering trying to peddle wares for a morsel. Business is slow in my field because when money is tight, guess what they cut first? People like me.


Azikiwe said...

"...true US cultural (and financial penetration), the rest of the world has found itself in the same prekeh..."

...and will not get any better for us because our miseducation maintains the thirst for bleaching cream & BLING...

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