Thursday, February 05, 2009

Step up inna life

Mi dear chile, after having my VW Polo for 5 months, I finally serviced it (it is an 8yo second hand Japanese import). I also got it washed AND the licence plate "affixed properly" according to the police who had pulled me over two days ago.

So I am banging. The car looks new, except for some burning out on top caused by sand and saltiness since it arrived. I met an American woman who happens to drive the same exact car with the same rare blue/purple colour on Sunday while I was liming with my newly found Irish drinking buddies. She just came over to me and introduced herself and said she was going to repaint hers and if I had any scratch at all, that she would be happy to share the paint with me. So, I may spray over the same top in a bid to preserve my resale value. After all, it was an investment, having bought it for a fraction of the price that locals here could have. Even with depreciation, I look to make a profit. It would suit me then to at least keep it clean huh?

I havent even named her yet. It is so weird... I had Spleng Donna, then Champion Bubbla, but now I am quite blank as to what to name a little blue/purple car. She's a girl for sure. Hmmmn. She looks like a Sue or Betsy...but no..too common. Aha! "Cutie" Perfect!

So now, five months later, not only has she got a thorough servicing and washing, buy my darling ride has got a name!


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