Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A plea for motion and wide open spaces

I want to jump on a plane. I just want to see something different. Even a car or a boat. I just want to be moving for longer than 15 minutes without going around in circles.

I know I am going to go soon enough (if you can classify 7 months as such)... just feeling a little claustrophobic and stagnant today. I feel like wide open spaces and lots of motion today.

[after a long break]

I went on a journey in cyberspace... looking at all kinds of things that interest me. It's funny but I seem to be learning more about Jamaica since I left.

I want to visit the National Gallery when I go back home.

I miss dance classes at Edna Manley School of the Visual Arts. I think that as long as I live in Kingston, or have access and time to it, my life will be filled with wonderful artistic classes, whose aim is not to pass any exam but to find self expression.

I believe there is something wrong with the education system. It teaches everybody the same thing over and over. Maybe I should have gone to Art School instead of CARIMAC, but CARIMAC was a hybrid, of sorts. Still not enough creativity there though.

Anyway... I am taking a musical journey on my world beat show tonight. I look forward to that. This time, I will ensure that the live streaming actually works ahead of the show. My bad for thinking that it ought have been so without my prodding...especially since I don't work there and don't even get paid. But it's my show I care about, and my international listeners, who give me so much love and support. Word on the ground is that locals and expatriates are listening and liking. Hmmn... not bad after all.
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