Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Late nights and early mornings

I went to bed last about 4am and barely managed to eek out 3 hours of sleep. What is totally unbelievable to me is that I have been able to manage till now without a puss nap. Even went to the sukarmarket (Imelda's word for supermarket). These are more like regularmarkets though, because you end up having to go to at least 3 to get the three ingredients to cook rice.

Turns out that I got paid today. Thank heavens. I went to the ABM in faith that there was an errant 10 bucks in my account. I gasped when I saw my salary. Anyone looking on would have thought that maybe they had made the deposit to the wrong account or something.

So I hightailed it to the sukarmarket with Neighbour who from now on I will call Silly. Neighbour is too long. So Silly went with me and we marvelled that certain things were actually put on ice, and that there was relatively low junjo (decay) this week.

I got my honey whole nut cereal and soy milk, and turkey breast and brown bread and chicken wings for lots and lots of chicken soup. Treated myself to a bottle of the best of the worst Merlot available in the world. Need to take my multivitamins and resume my morning green juice cleansing routine. Dont know if I can juggle that, exercise, breakfast and pack lunch and still get to work before sundown. EEEKS ...this is beginning to sound like earlier mornings. Damn. We will play that sankey by air.

So I am back in the swing.

Modifying diet and resuming exercise.

I will go for another ride tomorrow evening. Eventually, I would like to build up to a 45 min circuit 6 mornings a week and cycling two evenings per week.

I am giving up cigarettes for lent. I am on my last pack.. It will be finished by tomorrow. Wish me luck.


Kali said...

please stop smoking, except for the occasional cigar of course. You know I seem to remember that back in the day it was considered absolutely improper for women to smoke.
I am tired of being tired, and tired of not looking my best. So I'm sticking to my plans for a healthier me.

Azikiwe said...

..I second the motion by Kali...gavel down !

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