Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Getting ready to go into studio

Drinking a LONG insulated mug of sweet early grey to warm up my voice.... going through my playlist... tweaking... modifying to fit my mood.

It's a cold 20 degrees outside... for those who live in temperate climes, I'll have you know that is COLD by Caribbean standards.

It's a world beat music programme that I produce and present for two hours every Tueday evening at 8. I do it free. Call it community service for this trained broadcaster. They needed the talent. I had the time and the music.

It's such a selfish act... but they dont know it. I get to play my own music every week for everyone to hear (who wants to). Some like the music. Others are keen on what they have described as a sultry voice, the kind of which never graced these airwaves on this Island Behind God's Back. I think those men are just looking another foreigner to shag.

But it does break up the monotony of evenings spent either on the computer, reading, or finding yet another scarcely palatable leftover combination to reheat.

So what will I be playing? Everything from Anouar Brahem Trio, to Jai Uttal, to Buena Vista Social Club, Jack Johnson, Norah Jones, Corrine Bailey Rae, Etta Fitzgerald, The Tempations, Dennis Brown, Marcia Griffiths, Jimmy Cliff and Bob Marley.

I am in a very quiet and contemplative mood The Temptations, Dennies, Marcia and Jimmy are added to break the monotony of slow and contemplative. As selfish as I am, I do have to think of my audience (if only for a bit).

I cant believe I have enough music in my personal collection to play in a world beat show. I think I should pat myself on my 28 year old back for being so open minded with music. But then I am open minded with most things. Even with living on an Island Behind God's Back.

But back to the music. And the show. It's an experiment really. I am trying to seduce these people to think and feel beyond their very limited and limiting borders. I am trying to make them see that others have something to offer...and as different as we are as expats on their remote little islands, we have a lot in common. If only, the music.

We will see how that turns out.

In the meantime, I will play my songs.


Azikiwe said...

K. you will be so surprised to see how this little community service gig can do wonders to launch your career. All you need to do is use up all your communication nodes to send links to the stream worldwide. It means also that you need to brief yourself constantly on a wide range of topics affecting world life positively & negatively - chat 'bout that.....somebody did something
positive on the island ...chat bout that too...then eventually someone will actually tap God on the shoulder and he/she/it will be looking around on not the Island on you Behind him/her/it ! ;-)

....little events plug into the biggest events of life...

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