Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Cycling and cigarettes

I went home yesterday and went straight back out on my bicycle. Yes. I went for a ride. Not far, but over enough slopes to feel thoroughly winded when I returned home.

Maybe it is time to quit smoking. Plus I just realised that when I buy cigarettes here I spend $100 per carton (20 packs). My 3 duty free cartons have now been whittled to 2 single packs. Normally it's $33 duty free in the airport. This does not compute. That's roughly $150-200 per month. Damn- that's a suped-up MacBook Pro in 20 months, or a Nikkor 24-70 lens in 11 months, or a trip to Cuba in 10 or Haiti in three.

Hmmn... just why do I smoke again? It may be worth my while to find another bad habit. One that is FREE!


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