Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Pickpocketed in Dubai

Now ... I haven't been able to get over it myself. It happened last night. I went to the supermarket and after nearly 3 hrs of shopping (it's expansive and I am meticulous) I left lighter than I went. Close to 1000USD lost plus two drivers' licenses for two different countries, some business cards, my metro/bus card and the purse that my Amazonian Goddess cousin gave me in NY right before I came here.

So... I am most upset. But mostly with me. I was damn stupid. I let my guard down. There is a reason why I have never been pick-pocketed in my life even though I am from crime central- I am street smart. At least, I was.

Right now, I am just a silly housewife who has managed to lose the remainder of her entire household budget (including bill payment) in one go... money that her husband works his ass off to earn. He is taking it supercool. He is the quintessential Easy Skanking Chef. In moments like these, I come face to face with a man who has so much character and that I am really happy that I picked him of the lot. But lawd.. it bun me. It hurt me man. Everything.

Now having managed to find the pigs tail (pork tails) two days before and bacon and pork belly, all we have to eat is pork and seafood and one cornished hen for the rest of the month. Luckily I have roughly 100USD that I didn't withdraw that will help me to buy things like flour, eggs, milk and chicken.... and I will most definitely have to go back to eating every single meal from home. We were supposed to host friends for an oxtail supper (overdue from November) but I dont know if I will be able to swing it since the damn thing is so expensive. I will definitely buy some kidney beans though because with all this salted pig tails (which I have salted myself) I see a LOT of red peas soup and stew peas in my very near future.

Luckily, the pantry wasn't empty... we only needed to get meat and more veg really. I have enough rice to feed a village... it's just the fillers.

I was going to make him harddough bread from scratch last night but couldn't since I ended up having to leave everything in the basket at the supermarket. I could have used the debit card if only it wasn't also in the damn purse.

MORAL OF THE STORY: Behave like an idiot and stupid things happen to you. Why did I not leave some of the money at home? Why did I not carry my BBT (bag between tits) like I always do? Why did I, a street smart girl from Kingston manage to be stolen out of house and home in one fell swoop in a country that is not known for violence? I let my guard down. NEVER again!


The Masker said...

Hmmmm need a bottle ah orange soda?

"BBT" - Love it!! So glad it's got a name hahahhaha

But you know, it could have been worse. Antenae UP!!

Azikiwe said...

hmm ....just when you thought the more skilled pickpockets were in JA...gwaan work wid the BBT...

Sheer Almshouse said...

Masker.. . yes it could have been much worse, because trust me, much worse happens every in the world every second of the day.

Azi... I went to the sukamarket with ESC last night and made him walk with the cash and card. I still feel a little raw and on the edge about carrying money or shopping there by myself.

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