Sunday, January 17, 2010

Weekend free paper bun

Can I tell you? Mi nah lie. Sometime him just upset mi soulcase, but most time, mi just haffi just thank God for the man mi married. What make? Well, for starters, we really honestly sincerely genuinely enjoy each other's company. No joke. No need for an agenda either, though doing things together is also much fun... we just like each other.

So every Sunday morning, which is the beginning of the Middle Eastern work week, we both hug up in bed and get mushy and dont want to part. Luckily, because he is the most senior chef in his restaurant, his days off (2) coincide with the weekend so we get to see friends who would not have been available otherwise. He often goes into the office for at least a portion of one of his weekend days but we try to work such demands around our plans.

We have also been getting lots of invitations to dinner parties and get togethers. Dubai is the place for married couples and families. He says he has never had so many invited here, with people actually trying to plan around his often times very unpredictable schedule. I have heard many women complain here that it is hard to be single in Dubai. I guess some single people lyme differently from married people and people who have people who are waiting on them at home, or have to get up and get children fed and ready for activities may not want to party all night till daylight but are they really mutually exclusive? I didn't have half as many couple invitations when I was since but in the Caribbean, the marriage statistics are much less. So I throw it to you...

Are single people and married people incompatible in terms of lyming "hanging out" agenda and procedure?


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