Monday, January 18, 2010

No ordinary Monday

Today I resumed my workout routine after a 5 month break. I can't believe it's been that long but time flies when you are having fun or doing nothing.

Yesterday I was told that a group of 4 in the complex were starting a six week weight loss programme and they invited me in on it. It starts Wednesday. Everybody is doing his/her own programme with a few rules: six meals per day, lots of water, min 20 mins exercise 3x per week for six weeks with a weekly weigh in and before and after measurements and body fat calculations. I am stoked. Especially since I was doing my thing on my own anyway. This at least gives added motivation.

I am doing a six week rotation of Slim in 6 by Debbie Siebers. This is a 6 day rotation for 6 weeks. Here is how it goes:

Week 1
* Start It Up!
Introduces you to the basic Slim Training moves for burning calories and reshaping your body. (25 minutes)

Week 2
* Ramp It Up!
Helps you burn more calories each day to accelerate your results. (48 minutes)

Week 3,4,5,6
* Burn It Up!
Takes slimming and toning to the next level to complete your body reshaping. (60 minutes)

Because the programme increases in intensity for the first three weeks and you are burning after that for at least an hour per session, results can be very impressive if followed religiously and if lifestyle changes are made.

Note that I am not trying to get to my fitness goal in 6 weeks. I just want a 6 week jump start instead of going straight for a 3 month programme, which I will follow up with, changing programmes every 3 months to avoid plateaus and overuse. The overall plan is to work out 6days per week everyday for the rest of the year, hit my top fitness level by August 1 and be toned to (MY) perfection by December 31. I will then go into maintenance mode which is 2-4 times per week for the rest of my life. That's the plan. It's not a short term plan. It's a long term plan.

It therefore means no babies just yet. At least, not until the night of December 31, 2010. Not that we are ready for them anyway. I need to get in shape first don't I? Otherwise I will be packing 250lbs post pregnancy and that is a recipe for postpartum depression.

I am still going to cook goodies though and experiment in the kitchen. It just means that I will invite people over for dinner. I don't want to be a slave to fitness. I just need to get back on track and stay there. Simple. It takes one word: Commitment.


Lesley-Ann Thompson said...

Can I offer a few words of advice? I caution you to set realistic goals so you can ease yourself into what you want to become a lifetyle change.

1. Six days a week workouts is VERY ambitious. I would suggest you start with 4 days and work yourself up to 5. The body needs rest in between.

2. Don't be disheartened if you don't see results immediately. All of us are different but as an example, it took me 3 months to lose the first 7 pounds. Then another 6 to lose the remaining 13 I had set myself.
3. It's actually easier (with a maintenance programme)to keep the weight off when you lose it slowly versus when it slides off in big numbers quickly.
4. Try to avoid too many "treats" on a regular basis until you find your rythmn. I reach for juice over water most days and have a sweet tooth that will never go away but I don't go for excess. I now add water to my juice routinely as they are usually too sweet anyway.
5. When all is said and done, it really boils down to discipline. Goof off when you have to (nocody had more fruit cake than me at Christmas)....but always get back on the burn routine (I jogged around my block and went to the gym - yes on holiday.)

Sheer Almshouse said...

LA, I agree with you 100% from 2-5. Regarding 1, 6 days a week is my regular routine. When i work out, i workout for six days. It's a circuit so muscle groups get to rest.

Furthermore, I don't workout at the same intensity everyday. I allow my body to talk to me and I listen. So if there is tightness that could lead to injury, I modify. I learnt the hard way nearly 10 years ago and have a bad knee as a result. The knee eases up when I am fit but I build strangth slowly.

If I am too sore for anything much, I do yoga or pilates instead. When I get fit enough, I usually combine yoga and pilates with the programmes to ease muscle soreness and increase flexibility. When I go on the three month programme , its alternate days of cardio and resistance training.

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