Sunday, January 17, 2010

Tiger Shrimp Tea

Tiger Shrimp Soup with Okra. Kinda like fish tea but milder on the "fishy" bit. Full of pepper and spicy. Fish "Tea" is so named because it is a light broth and all other Jamaican soups are thick. We call every hot beverage "Tea" in Jamaica. So don't be surprised if you ask for "tea" and someone asks, "Cocoa Tea, Milo Tea, Chocolate Tea, Mint Tea?" We even have a popular reggae artiste who goes by the name "Cocoa Tea."

The shrimp was less "fishy" than regular fish and I used one whole. I also cheated and had chicken in there for additional stock without having to use more shrimp to flavour the pot. Instead of Jamaican scotch bonnet peppers, I substituted with hot green chili peppers.

ESC loved it so till he went back for seconds. He thought it had more than a mild aphrodisiac effect. I think it's mind over matter. Dude just gets trigger happy when I surprise him in the kitchen. But you wont hear me complain!


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