Wednesday, January 13, 2010

New years resolutions?

Have you made any? What are they? I would love to hear all the exciting things you have planned for 2010.

This is the first time in years that I haven't really penciled a list of things to achieve in 365-6 days. I couldn't think of anything except:

"Just live."

But as I walked around the apartment in my cycle shorts looking as cute as a chocolate muffin, it became apparent that I had to revisit the single resolution. I still don't want to bog down myself with a list of things I feel I must achieve but there is at least one thing that stands out. Bellytwo is back (Imelda's moniker for my softy belly).

I revisited the plans I had for the decade... and those to accomplish before turning 30 and I realize that they were good, realistic plans all along and even though I have accomplished many of them, there was one thing that needed CONSISTENT attention: MY FITNESS.

So I married a chef. We both enjoy food, though I may just have the edge on him, especially since I fancy eating off his plate in addition to mine. I must say that ESC is in way better shape than me. My 20s have been a roller-coaster ride and I haven't yet been able to find consistency in a life that is anything but consistent and predictable.

And yes, the overarching excuse I gave myself over the decade of yo-yo fit and flab spurts is that I would be in my best shape EVER at 30. Note the preposition. Not "after," not "during," not "by." "At" 30.

Turns out I have seven months to go to hit "at 30." Turns out that 30 may also coincide with honeymoon and exotic vacation (as long as we can recover from the two tickets worth of money I gave away to the pick-pocket at the supermarket yesterday). OK bright people, a candy for the first person to get my first resolution for 2010.

You guessed it!!

To RESOLVE the fitness issue permanently and be in my best shape ever AT 30.

Just so you know... that is like a million little resolutions all packed into one.

I have another on the professional front:

To print, frame and sell my photos and continue to manifest my God-given talent through my photography and make some money.

That's it. Only two. No need to climb the Himalayas or swim the Nile. Just bust some sweat and push myself outside my comfort zone. If you know anything about big changes like I do, you know that it takes many little ones to accomplish them. Perhaps then fittest ever at 30 and selling fine art gallery prints are in some ways my Himalayas and my Nile.

I don't want to make any pronouncement to ESC. I don't even want him to see me exercising (which will be difficult since we share a studio apt). I just want the compliments when he notices that I have regained some flexibility here and there and my butt stands up more in my jeans and I have exchanged my stomach (Bellytwo) for abs.

When do I start?

Tomorrow. (Go ahead-laugh all you want). I am going to warm up my body for the rest of the week on the Slim in 6 routine and then get going with a 6 week cycle starting Sun with six days on one day off. I may do two cycles then do a round of Power 90 and a 90 day round of Power 90 Master Series. Who knows? I may even start tonight!

Fact of the matter is that both resolutions really will allow me to "Just live!"


The Masker said...

You probably need to do something u can sustain over a longer period or forever. These 'blitz' routines, unless u have a steadier more manageable follow up plan, don't work longterm. You get tired, bored, disillusioned ...

Still, I hope it works.
Up and at ehm now!!!

Azikiwe said...

How did you know i laughed ?..LoL !
Did you find good Green Tea ?

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