Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The fat housewife

Being a housewife is making me fat. That is the short answer/excuse (choose yuh pick) to the numbers on the scale and the body measurements taken tonight.

I have put on a LOT of weight since I got here. I here Azikiwe and LA saying (I warned you). On the contrary, my husband is looking more svelte than ever.

He has managed to maintain his weight loss because he eats the high fibre cereal combination in the mornings that IIIII mix for him which gets his day off to a good start and he grazes like a goat during the day. The occasional night fest when he comes home is just that- occasional. Furthermore, and perhaps most crucial, he no longer participates in the binge drinking that chefs are noted for. He has a wife to come home to.

But me? I sleep until noon and get up and eat whenever hunger really bites and ususally not that wonderful high fibre cereal mix. There isn't much that is exciting about my day and so I make up for it with pleasuring my taste buds. But every road and rope have end, no? Well mines sho do!

I called ESC tonight and he asked me how I was.
"I'm depressed," I whined.
"I know," he replied calmly
"How did you know?"
"Because you are my wife and I know you. And I observe you a lot more than you know. Something was bothering you."
"Yes, I'm fat."
"No you are not." (He knows who he is sleeping beside tonight).
"Yes. I am bigger than ever in my entire life!"
"Really? Well, I will fix my bike and we can exercise together on weekends."
"But that's not enough!"
"Well, when I leave in the mornings, you can get up too and go for a power walk."
"I just need to do my workout everyday."
"Well you get up with me in the mornings and do your routine while I get ready."

And you know what is the sweetest thing? Someone commented on my pasta photo that I better watch my waistline with too much pasta. You know what he replied? "I am watching it and loving it."

So there! I am blessed to have a man who loves me just as I am, but who is also willing to support me when I want to make improvements.

I think I was smart to marry a man who would at least hold me accountable to being fit, even though numbers on the scale don't bother him unless they pass 3-0-0. That was his all time high. I don't think he knows what 300lbs look like on a 5'6" woman, but I do appreciate his generosity.

Anyway, I am no longer depressed. I wasn't depressed really, I just used the word out of term. I was having "a case of the mean reds." I am over it now. You know me, I like to get rid of bad energy... that stuff causes cancer.

Yes I have about 40 lbs of fat to lose this year. That is less than 1lb per week. It's doable. It is achievable. Note that I said fat... I may not end up being 40lbs lighter. I don't want to be skinny. I just want a lot less fat and much more muscle, especially since I have lost a lot of muscle mass since I slacked off when I came off TV. This time at least I have a sexy workout partner at least twice a week and a motivator for the remaining 7 days.

I am tired of yo-yoing. I want to lost the excess and maintain a lifetime fluctuation of no more that + or - 5lbs.

You know what I had for dinner? You guessed it. The high fibre/high protein cereal mix.


Michelle said...

Ah dear me too (on the 40 lb to lose and bigger than I've ever been before), but also me too (on the having a husband who understands... which helps a lot)

Sorry I've been so scarece lately. Last year was just crazy.

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