Monday, February 16, 2009

Early bird with lots of worms to find

I woke up early this morning. Got up at 6. Woke up while it was still night but forced myself back to sleep until dawn. Went to bed at 11 and did a fair bit of tossing until slumber arrived. It wasn't peaceful slumber either...but it was somewhat amusing.

I figured it would not have been an easy task sleeping with a steam cap on my head. I had given my locks a cactus hot oil treatment and it was too late to wash it when I finished watching the movie last night at 9:30. Of course I was so consumed, that I totally forgot that I needed to wash my hair before it got late.

Furthermore, I have no hot water (it broke down in December and I am trying to be frugal because electricity is extremely expensive on this Island Behind God's Back). And it's cold. It gets cold the moment the sun sets and temperatures lower consistently until it rises.

So I decided to go to bed early, the mission to wake up early and wash my hair, hang out the laundry, and finish some of the housework that I ambitiously set out to do yesterday. I have no dryer in this fully furnished apartment. I also had to chose between a TV set and a microwave, only to realise that I was getting an even older Daewoo tv than I had back home. Heating up left overs is a pain of magnanimous proportions and has to be done on a huge electric stove. You see why I haven't got the heater fixed?

The truth is that every small goal becomes one of many parts. And so simple things require complex systems to execute. Such is the nature of the culture here. So I do what I can...

Yes I could spend hundreds of USD to buy a microwave and save on re-heating food so that I can have hot water in this cold Caribbean winter. But my logic is clearly thwarted. Plus I have no intention to acquire more things to scramble to sell when I leave here in a few months.

Neighbour is up doing her dishes. Dont ask me how I sleep through all this every other morning.

I have a long day at work today... and I will try my best possible not to make it painful.
[Enter lowered expectations who progresses to centre stage]

Today robins will continue to sing.

Light's... action!


Azikiwe said...

...ahhh darling,jus' listen to the tune of the robins...;-)

Michelle said...

Where are you going in a few months? Hope it's something exciting.

I laughed at the shower cap story. It brought back school memories. I had this Russian-Jewish friend in school who had this incredibly mad curly hair. She was in a school play, but the teacher said she had to get that hair under control (Jane Austen story, no fuzzy headed girls in Jane Austen!) So... my friend remembered a trick her mom used to use. Wet your hair, stick a pair of pantihose/tights on your head (like you're a bank robber) and it smooths it all flat by morning.

The only problem was she wriggled in her sleep and the pantihose crept up a bit. She came to school with ther head otally smooth and flat on top, but from just about ear level it WOOOSHED out in a circle of frizz. her head looked like Saturn with the rings! :-D

Being typical schoolkids we just laughed and laughed the whole day.

Sheer Almshouse said...

Azikiwe... the robins sing daily.. Sometimes I just have to block out the clutter to hear them.

Michille...I will be joining Easy Skanking Chef in Dubai in a few (15) months.

Azikiwe said...

LoL ! :-)...I hear plenty clutter, everyday ...

Michelle said...

15 months? Hope they go smooth and fast for you. :-)

Sheer Almshouse said...

Smooth and fast....hmmm. Not sure about either. Considering I saw him just last month and it feels as if it were already a year!

It's tough going... but the tough must get going.

Painfully, it happens only one day at a time.

And Michelle, the shower cap really worked!

Azikiwe... yes...even if we are hermits living one to an island far away from each other... there is plenty of clutter...even in our own minds.

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