Monday, February 23, 2009

Adding value in an economic recession

I have totally revolutionalized my relationship with money. I have had to. The beauty of not having a chick nor child to care for is that you get to have a lit bit more disposable income-relatively speaking.

I have always found the most decent of rather cheap lodgings available. Don't believe in working to make my landlord wealthy, or to have a posh crib for the purpose of having a posh crib. I waited until my first car broke down to buy another used vehicle that would yield a higher selling price. I paid up hefty payments on my credit cards to avoid higher interest rates.

Now, not much has changed. I live in the cheapest two bedroom apartment that was available. It's even cheaper than many one bedrooms. My car was bought used and shipped here from Japan and will yield about double buying price when sold. I no longer have credit cards. I buy only what I have cash to buy. Many things no longer make the cut.

1. I do my hair myself. From washing, to colouring, to treating to grooming, I do it all. I have dreadlocks. But having practiced my own hair care for years, I am even better than some pros. This saves me roughly $100 monthly.

2. I do my own manicures. I splurge on professional pedicures only when the ESC is around, and as you know, that's every few months. Savings $90 monthly

3.I work out at home. Forget gym membership, I bought the gym on DVD and two wheels. That's right- DVDs and a bicycle. I quit the gym long ago after I added up all the money I was giving to my Olympic personal trainer, who is good, but face it, with those fees, richer than me. I could not afford to be paying over $200 monthly just because I had no personal discipline to show up to a training session on my own.

4. I eat 95% of meals at home. I may not be Enid Donaldson, Martha Stewart or Easy Skanking Chef, but I am my own personal chef. Complete with canned and prepackaged items for those days that cooking is the last thing on my mind. My food tastes better than the crappy restaurants here anyway!In a week, it could go from canned tuna to pan seared garlic crusted salmon with a coconut sauce. Savings: $600 monthly

5. I drink at home. Of course in moderation but that $5 bottle of beer costs 3 in the off-license. And the bottle of wine/vodka is also significantly cheaper. I have been drinking less anyway.

6. I steal wireless. Yes i am a wireless thief. Wasn't always, but when communication was shot in the hurricane, and the lone telecoms company offering hi-speed internet refused to get it's infrastructure back up, you get used to going to hot spots. Now that service is being restored, I have no desire to get a bill. Why pay for what you can freely receive? I use a mac so I am not so worried about viruses. Though I should be worried about security . Maybe this wasn't such a good point.

7. I have no landline. For the same reason above. And I will not resume the plan that cost me $70 monthly without making a single call. I will make all my calls from my company sponsored SIM. If only I would get a replacement phone.

8. I dont buy clothes, bags, shoes, decorative home things. I use what I have. On an island this small, just who the hell am I going to impress with a pair of new shoes every month? Dry rot accelerates here too, so this is just not the place to be glam.

After being such a miser with the small things, here is what I will spend on:
1. Photography
2. Travel (that adds to my life experience)
3. Videography
4. Related computer, tech gadgets and software
5. Books, DVDS, CDs

They say a fool and his money are soon parted.


Azikiwe said... pretty much ah deal wid the ting ! ..even the things that you plan to spend on contributes to self EDUCATION ...and everybody can always use some of that !

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