Thursday, February 19, 2009

SMS Jamaican Style

My Uncle Al sent this to me... Damn.. I thought I invented DWL years ago. I prefer that to LOL. Jamaicans dont LOL. We simply Dead Wid Laugh.

1. ANFMB = A no fi mi business

2. AWDY = A wah do yuh?

3. AO = Alms Ouse

4. BKYT = But kuh yuh to

5. BPT = Back Pon Top

6. BLBD = Bruck Like Bredda Dawg

7. BOAL = Buss Out A Laff

8. BOABDL = Buss Out A Big Dutty Laff

9. BWAP = But what a preckeh

10. CAS = Crack A Smile

11. CYAWO = Cut Yeye And Wheel Out

12. CECEKCMIT = Cut eye cut eye kyaan cut mi in

13. DMDPM = Duppy mussi deh pon mi

14. DWL = Dead Wid Laff

15. DWLAWUMS = Dead Wid Laff And Wet Up Mi

16. ECAC = Everyting cook an curry

17. FR = Fi Real

18. FHPN = Favya heng pon nail

19.. FLCP = fat like cut puss

20. GAL = Gimmie a link

21. HDF = How di family?

22. HHFD = Her husband fayva duppy

23. KMN = Kiss Mi Neckback

24. LIH = Lick Innu Head

25. LM = Likkle More

26.MHDU = Mi have di ukubit

27. MJM = Macca juck mi

28. MWDWY = Mi woulda deh wid yuh

29. MPD = Mad People Dem

30. MYOB = Mine Yuh Own Bizniz

31. NDMT = No draw mi tongue

32. NMMAYHN = Noh meck mi an yuh have nutten

33. NR = Nuff Respect

34. DPDGS = Deh pon di gully side

35.. SF = Say Feh

36. TWY = Tek Weh Yuself

37. WPYD = Which part yuh deh?

38. YAM = Yuh ave money?

39. WYC = Wah yuh cook?

40. YDPYO = Yuh deh pon yuh own

41. YMM = Yuh mussi mad

42. WAMU = What a man ugly

43. WASU = What a sinting uley

44. WAOU = What a ooman ugly

45. WAG = Wah a gwaan?

46. WASPPMG = What a sinting pon poor mi gyal

47. WYADWPP = Wah yuh a do wid people people

48. YGE = Yuh good eeeh?

49. YGFWMAS = Yuh gwaan fass wid mi an see

50. YSKHWWGPB = Yuh soon know how water walk gaa punkin belly


Z said...

I love those - even (especially?) the ones I don't actually understand.

Sheer Almshouse said...

DWL!! Z...

If you want help in translating, I'd be happy to offer assistance.


[#37 Which part yuh deh- where are you?]

Z said...

I feel so ignorant.

How about 50?

Sheer Almshouse said...


Now you are on to big things.

#50 is from a Jamaican idiom " you will know how water walk do a pumpkin belly"

It means essentially that the great mysteries will soon be unveiled. Sometimes mother's and grandmothers use it as a cautionary tale to young uns.

But it really is about waiting and seeing because all these things somehow eventually get revealed.

Z said...

There must be some very puzzled Jamaican infants around going "what?"

I hardly like to ask what 'duppy' is (22) Or in what circumstances one would say 24.

Sheer Almshouse said...

Duppy is ghost...

#24 Lick (hit) in your head- "You've hit your head!"

So if someone wanted to say borrow your brand new car that you didn't even go for a ride in yet... you could appropriately ask or exclaim "You lick yuh head?!"

Azikiwe said...

...bwoy i tell yu.."knowledge is golden" but syill ah DWL !!


Z said...

So, is 'Her husband fayva duppy' something like 'her husband hankers after an old girlfriend' ?

As for 'you lick yuh head', I'm certainly using that!

Sheer Almshouse said...

Z,, for sure!

As a child, I thought it was all weird... some I could understand but the proverbs and idioms took longer. But when you hear them, you know that the wisdom of the ancestors speaks through.

These SMS abbreviations are mostly for jokes regarding common expressions in the language.

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