Saturday, February 14, 2009

Will my blog readers please stand up?

I know I have readers. But where are you? Why aren't you making comments? Am I boring the __ out of you?

I made changes, added some interactive tools, but hardly anyone is interacting with them.

There's a poll guys... and for those who would rather not write comments at the end of every post, there is a quick tick comment (funny, interesting, cool). All you have to do is click on whichever suits you and voila! At least I would have some insight as to how many are here.

And if you have stumbled upon this blog, welcome. I hope I grab your interest.

I have changed the name of the blog... to reflect a bit more accurately what it is about. Dog nyam mi supper when I turn 30. But that is another year and a half away. But what do YOU think of the changes and graphics and stuff?

I know it is a monologue... but usually, in the audience, you have your ways of reacting. Why dont you whisper out loud with a comment? And applaud or "boo" with the poll? Give me your seal of approval by signing up in the Fan Base section as a Follower. No, I am neither Jesus nor Ghandi, but at least I could cultiviate a cult following.

I neeeeeeed to hear back from you.

I have made comments open (as they have always been) to persons to post anonymously. You dont even have to have a blogger account.

Any actor on stage gets very frightened if she hears a single pair of hands applauding and not even sigh from the rest of the darkened audience. Does that mean there is only one out there?


Azikiwe said...

"Dog nyam mi supper when I turn 30 "....and this is one reason i can't help but love you !

LoL ! ;-)
..alwayz here for you !

Sheer Almshouse said...

I know.. and for that I am grateful!

Dont worry about me not being Lolita anymore

Azikiwe said...

Me worried ?....I just hope to be there when you still don your colourful wings at 50 ! ;-)

Sheer Almshouse said...

Hon, did you not get the memo? I am the quintessential flaming bird of paradise! And flaming I will be till the day I die!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sheer,

Just want to say I like your username.

Sheer Almshouse said...

Thanks came into being almost a decade ago when I was younger and fiercely passionate about the ability of the internet to give a voice to the voiceless and make comments about all that was wrong, funny, interesting in this world.

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