Monday, February 16, 2009

Screenwriters' Workshop

My good friend, Tanya Davies is putting on workshop with another gifted writer, Amba Chevannes on Screenwiriting. Click on the photo for an enlarged view of the poster.


Michelle said...

If I lived a bit closer (like a thousand miles)I'd be singing up for this one! This is a form of writing I know nothing about. Hope your friend gets a good response. :-)

Sheer Almshouse said...

I know... if I were in Jamaica I would go too!!

Who knows? Maybe this will develop into a big screenwriting festival or something and can be a creative vacation altogether!

Azikiwe said...

...seminars such as these need to be encouraged on the Island. The Jamaica Trade & Invest ( should drive a PR campaign and in support initiate competitions to have the best script shot and produced for broadcast. This would stimulate the visual entertainment sector in Jamaica discouraging your talents to migrate to places "behind God's back"..

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