Saturday, January 16, 2010


I finally submitted my business card in order to be added to the list of wedding photographers at church. Now we just sit and wait and say a few prayers.


The Cloudcutter said...

Yippeee!! Here's hoping lots of lots of assignments come your way now. Have you tried the publications and ad agencies there? You could also do food photography. Why don't you get in touch with the hotels for their brochures and other publicity material? Also the tourism department.

Sheer Almshouse said...

Cuz.. I am operating in an unofficial capacity for now due to the fact that operational costs soar through the roof if I were to be properly established and this has to be a grow as you can enterprise. It would cost me over 5000USD just to get a license alone. Yes, food photography is on the list. I am just shooting the stuff we cook now but I want to get a lens that is like 1000USD so that too is a save up and buy kinda thing... the list for photo equipment never really stops and it is expensive, but we are getting there.

I am now getting requests for prints from family members, which is a cool thing altogether.

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