Sunday, January 10, 2010

Starting 2010 right

We have been talking. Lots and lots and lots and lots. And we have been spending almost all of his free time together. We have been going places and learning new things together. And everything improves as a result.

He even managed to get me to agree to have 15 people in our studio apartment for a send off party for one of his kitchen staff.

We had three parties in 24hrs. The staff party, a Jamaican brunch in Sharjah (a neighbouring Emirate to Dubai) and a party at a beach side residence on Palm Island.

Church is a must this Friday. It's been too long. He agrees. The alarms are set both for bedtime prior and wake-up time on Fri. Friday is Sunday in the Muslim world so all religious meetings are held on Friday- even Christian. Sunday is the beginning of the work week which runs until Thur.

We got a phaleopnopsis (Sp) orchid and a copy of Enid Donaldson's "The Real Taste of Jamaica" as gifts from Jamaican families here. So I am going to Ikea to get a pot for the orchid. That is my excuse and I am sticking to it. I may come back with a magazine rack and some other organisation pieces.

I am also going to visit my 9yo friend who is in hospital treating an infected finger. She is a treat and I know that hospital stays are hard on children. I cant figure what to get her yet... I think I will try to find a scrapbook.
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