Friday, April 24, 2009

Self reliance- they key to happiness

This is not a blog about being financially and emotionally dependent. This is a blog about physical independence- that is, finding ways to ensure that physical needs are taken care of independently of having to have another person in the mix-at least not in person.

I grew up in a fundamental Christian home (well on one side of the family). I don't think the word "masturbation" was mentioned once. And why should it? I agree, it's such a dirty word. That's why "Self Reliance" is just so much better a term. Full copyright credits go to Imelda for being the first to use it in this context.

But seriously, any adult who does not believe in self-reliance is headed for trouble. Can you imagine what happens in a marriage where one partner is totally and completely reliant on the other for physical release? What happens if one person goes out of town on an extended trip?

I have had enough male friends to tell you what really goes down, especially with those who are adamant about NOT taking care of business themselves- thy find a temp. That's what it boils down to- a job to fill, a temporary vacancy in need of a body.

Beyond that though, there is no way that two people are going to have the same sexual peaks just because they are in a relationship or because they live together. You may be randy out of your mind and your partner would rater eat cardboard...and no amount of cajoling or role play can make a difference. Sometimes it may be that one person is just really too tired or sick, or is in a weird place psychologically. We all have had moments in our single lives when sex is the last thing on our minds- it does not change simply because you have a hot body sleeping beside you.

So my word to every twentysomething who has never practiced self reliance is- start now. And if somehow you have fast-forwarded into your thirties, forties, fifties and sixties without having discovered that you can rock your own socks off... it's never too late.

Coupling is better when both individuals know their bodies and know what pleases them. And when the slob beside you rolls over and plays dead.... exist left of stage and head straight to the bathroom.

You can leave a radio in their to muffle any sort of vibrating noise or stifled moans if needs be...the latter applying to both sexes.

Take your physical release into your own hands.

If you haven;t been woefully turned off by this topic and want more tips...feel free to comment. My cousin calls me the Celibate Nun. I seem to have developed some expertise on the topic. What can I say? I read a lot!


Anonymous said...

mi baddy!

Bodhisattva Harlem Mama said...

Now that was funny. It sounds like your encouraging visits to babeland or eve's garden! You go, girl. First steps to true independence...or should I say satisfaction?

The Cloudcutter said...

You make a very good point. Unfortunately I belong to that abnormal category of people that just cannot indulge in self-reliance. And believe me it's not for the lack of trying.

Anonymous said...

I, Imelda, was not talking about THAT when I said self reliance :-). It was all about planting veggies in the backyard, and sewing your won clothes and such things.....yeah, right!

Gwan tru my girl! Yu a happen!

Azikiwe said...

...cardboard nuh taste all that bad when yu have good imagination yuh nuh...


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