Saturday, April 04, 2009

Friday night in The Village

Yesterday, a cousin who is battling cancer and her strikingly beautiful teenage daughter visited us in Harlem. It was a good time. A real good down to earth time. I love my family. Later we took the train to The Village for dinner with my uncle- Daddy's youngest brother, who is a personal trainer and sports coach.

He took us to a nice family owned and operated Japanese Restaurant, that had a really warm and friendly family vibe. The owners were hands on and were front of house. They knew my Uncle by name and happily embraced his family as if we were an extension.

I got some fantastic shots. Real fantastic. They were happy to have me photograph the Restaurant and even gave me their email address to send them some photos. I think I will point them to my flickr account. They were so excited that it was infectious. It's the kind of place where you go back several times, and could easily become one of your favourite spots. It was by far, the widest array of Japanese food I have ever had.

I will upload photos at a later date.

I am going to New Jersey Monday evening for the night with said Uncle to meet up with his wife and daughter. I am looking forward to that.


Azikiwe said...

..looks like us over here could take lesson from dem japanese in customer service !

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