Monday, April 13, 2009

Smoker in Distress

After two and a half weeks of kotching up out on fire escapes, donning long heavy winter coats over night gowns to grab a cigarette on the street, and sneaking outdoors just in time before the house alarm is turned on, I just want to be free to smoke.

It is 2:30 am, I just finished watching the Sex and the City movie that Young Aunty recorded for me on the dishmajig... and I want an effing cigarette...and there is no way I can sneak outside without tripping off the alarm...or even open the windows without doing the same.

I must admit that some of my best shots came from smoking outdoors (night shots of harlem from the fire escape)... but right now... I just wish I was free to just go outside and light up a fag dammit.

I see why Imelda insists on getting smoking hotel rooms when she travels. I always knew she was smart.


Azikiwe said...

ahhh bwoy...cyaan save yu at all ...;-)

Sheer Almshouse said...

Dont give up on me just yet :). But enough of this topic :)

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