Saturday, April 25, 2009

URLs purchased today

I have a little story to tell you. Draw you chair. You see me? Me no joke. No Iya, I don't wrap up. I is a woman pon a mission. Pon a trod. And guess wha happpen, I getting there one step at a time.

You is me audience. Bear witness. My life just a line up brap brap brap. Same way so. One step after the other. Even the shaky one dem.

Me did tell you say me was going to purchase the domain them today. Well, I want tell you that me do that plus tax. Yes Iya.

You want to see say two domain get buy today. First and middle and first and last name. Big plans. Little budget. Huge heart.

So you want to hear the plan? Well, the two URL dem going to point to one website. Yes Iya. Plus there is more. Mi all buy hosting. You think me done? Me no done yet. Mi buy website. Yes brah. Website. So dis here little Rasta head woman who already have two URL dat park with coming soon fi two years, finally going to put a presence out there. I want to tell you that I going to dress it up like puss back foot. Yes Iya.

It can link mi Flickr, Facebook and blog plus gimme all chat applet to pose like you can talk with the star at so and so time. Mi no think me going to use that...but still it there.

There is a little catch though. You want to see that since me identifying as a creative, me deciding to market in me given names. So what the catch? This blog anonymous... well just for a little while longer.

I have news for you. I coming out the closet. Yes Iya. I a come clean clean.

You see, with PR behind me and the redemption of residency in a small "islant" wid 5000 people behind God Back, I dont have to care to hide me identity no more.

So... in a few months... it shall be revealed...and all in living colour.

I coming out like a drag queen without the drag.

Stay tune. We'll be right back!


Azikiwe said... can do anything & everything through Kari that strengthens KARI !... me totally believe this.

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