Monday, April 20, 2009

Just because it's Monday

The Banker is leaving. Yes mi chile, she tell me she packing she tings and getting the hell off this rat nest. Well, she never put it that way but I had to jazz it up a bit. She cyaan stand it. So this is the second of two of my clique who has literally thrashed a contract and run from here.

Interpret as you desire.

I just came from her place. The other main bank manager and I gathered at her house to celebrate. That one leaves in July. For the first time, The Banker actually made really she cooked (well..without fire)! Previous hot dog and frozen pizza sessions don't count. She made a smoke salmon and caper appetizer and a nice salad with cherry tomatoes and fresh mushroom (hard to get here). We had white wine galore... so till me have a likkle headache.

Couldn't really blog from work because I was busy doing something..can't remember what.

BTW..Easy Skanking Chef's restaurant was voted the best in its category in Dubai!!! I am so proud of him. He has worked reeeaaally hard. He has come a far way. Deserves every bit of glory. And guess what? The sous chef is mine- all mine!! A beeey!

READER TRIVIA: What should I do as a surprise for him to make him feel special from so far away?


Anonymous said...

Post the article's link on the blog, Facebook and write a heck of a kudos to him! That would mek anyone feel on top of di werl mi dear;)


Azikiwe said...

"...What should I do as a surprise for him to make him feel special from so far away?... "

All the thoughts pertaining to the above question, you may have executed already ! my "dirty little mind" has no space for brilliant suggestions...

yaadgyrl in philly said...

Being that you're in PR -- maybe you could write a press release for him and the restaurant. Not necessarily to publish but just as a private gift from you to him. Public if you want it to be. You could get it printed and framed and give to him when next you see him or mail it (I suspect that's pricey and takes forever). I am sure email would suffice for now. You have a gift of writing so I'm sure he'd appreciate that you used your gift to write about what I'm sure is one of your favorite subjects. btw -- are you guys skyping? it's free and a way to communicate by video hence no cost...or is skype blocked where he is?

Sheer Almshouse said...

K (Atl) & Yaad Girl in Philly:

It was an award show. I am waiting for him to give me details. I like both ideas though. Maybe I should incorporate both.


:) Is there any help for you and your mind? But anyway... that important too. But guess what? I am thousands of miles away. Thank heaven he says he stopped noticing the hot waitresses and he is no longer brand new exotic candy. Well.. I hope. If not, someone else may just have beat me to the tanks you suggested!

Azikiwe said...

LoL !..i would seek help..but WHY ? ;-)...I live for "recession proof happiness" ;-)

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