Monday, April 06, 2009

Guantanamera in Manhattan

I went to a Cuban restaurant in downtown Manhattan on Saturday night with Frog Prince. He came to visit earlier in the day and I managed to coax him into taking me out for a little night life.

They had Cuban musicians (a trio) playing fabulous music (congo drums, bass guitar and keyboard). The man who sang lead vocals was short and stocky with a husky tenor that reminded me of Buena Vista Social Club. The keyboardist had a fierce big blonde afro that created an interesting contrast with his skin, and he maintained a beautiful harmony while playing.

I have been having a really good time. I am most grateful for this break.


Azikiwe said...

Nice,Nice...From my experience of Cuban cooking in Florida, they hold back on the spice to maintain the patronage of the white people - they never learned to savour the fine delicacies of high spice !

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