Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Return of Sheer Almshouse

My body seems to reject this place like a bad vaccine. Ear and sinus infections to boot. I had to leave from the airport and head straight for the hospital. I got me a delusional shot of voltaren in my bumpsie to counter the intense pain of ear drums that seemed bent on bursting with infected fluid. Having had two flights by then and one more to go, I relished the stick of a needle.

My ears have been clogged since then, I think largely due to the fact that I was only able to get the prescribed broad spectrum antibiotics today because said hospital was out. I just managed to get some relief about an hour ago. I called Imelda. We had lots to catch up on.

I am calling Rootical now. She answers not. Everybody I know has a social life except least for now. But I certainly had over the past three weeks:)

I went to a writers workshop in Decatur, Atlanta. I am happy I did. Having never had the opportunity to sit among writers to build, encourage, and critique, I think I will really enjoy extending the connection online.

I have not been writing much over the past few weeks, because:
1. I have been busy living and
2. I have re-discovered another tool through which to convey messages-photography. You will see a lot of that on this blog from here on in.

There is a lot going on. Announcements to be made (sort-of-ish)... but all in due time. I haven't even unpacked all the wonderful books that Harlem Mama allowed me to fill my suitcase with.

First day at work tomorrow. I am sure that lots of blogging will take place then.


Azikiwe said...

Welcome netlife is full again ! ;-)

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