Monday, April 27, 2009

Today is the day of salvation

I just came across a line in a previous blog entry in my thesis that goes:

"..No matter what, I am not at core a quitter. I finish things worth finishing."

The opperative word there is "worth."

I have come to the well self-debated conclusion that this here contract is just not "worth" finishing.

So today is the day I speak to the boss and tell him that this is truly the beginning of the end. I am expecting him not to be surprised.

I am not likely to get my proposial accepted which would grant me one year's gratuity, but I am prepared to present my letter resignation dated today with effect on July 27, 2009. I am going to draft it after I am done writing here.

I do not want to deliberate any longer. It is my hope that once the engine starts going in motion, I will be able to really find a last wind, allowing me to leave on a high note. I need to be able to position myself well in the last 3 months so that the last impression is a good one.

I am even thinking of offering my services for the first ever professional photo shoot with "corporate" head shots and stock photos of the public service leaders here, and grant them full license to use at liberty, even when I leave.

I will even do a bit of regional PR for my boss who is on the eve of an early retirement and desirous of getting another appointment outside of the country.

But, I just need to get over this last hurdle.

The time has truly come.


graceonline said...

I wish you every good fortune as you present your letter and proposal. May the very best possible of doors open for you immediately.

Sheer Almshouse said...


There is is good reason why you are called Grace.

Thank you... I felt the support. And I am pleased to announce that doors did indeed open immediately.

He is in my corner. Now we both take it to the higher body that makes the final decision.

I give God thanks for grace.

I am humbled.

graceonline said...

So glad to hear it. May your good fortune continue.

Sheer Almshouse said...

Thank you for your kindness :)

Azikiwe said...

"...I am prepared to present my letter resignation dated today with effect on July 27, 2009.."

go to the office wearing a necklace of garlic till such time...

Azikiwe said... wouldn't hurt to wear your blouses inside out as well...


Sheer Almshouse said...

A what you saying? Mi look like me a run duppy to you?


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