Monday, April 06, 2009

Curry chicken back and grung provision

Dear Blog,

Harlem Mama, Melibug, Che and I set off yesterday afternoon for a train ride to Brooklyn. When we got on the train, it was packed with commuters trying to get the most of a free Sunday afternoon. No seat was empty. A kind lady, who was getting off the next stop offered Melibug her seat since she is a three year old and not quite able to withstand the jerking of a train ride standing up.

I sat with her and put her on my lap. Che was in his bag on the other leg. Harlem Mama soon offered to keep him in the stroller. I only asked that she strap him in. Yes, I am really that careful about my role as mother to my brand new full frame digital camera.

We were off too Brooklyn, going to places that I hadn't seen on my previously brief trip there. I even managed to have fresh coconut water -an anomaly on the Island Behind God's Back! I also got some great shots of the whole trip.

My cousin Amazonian Goddess made a rare stoveside performance and made us a dinner of curry chicken back and grung provision- the first I had such a meal in a long, long, long time. We even managed a Wray & Nephew Overproof White Rum digestive. I enjoyed my chicken back so much that I chewed on the bones. One friend of hers joked that clearly, I could never keep a dog at my house because it would have nothing to eat. Jamaican dogs eat bones and left overs for dinner. 'Merican dogs eat packaged food. But Jamaican "dorgs" bleonging to Imelda eat mince pelau that smells so good it stirs you from slumber, and all the packaged goodies with a benelful of happiness.

It was a nice informal setting, eating and hanging in the kitchen while she cooked.

Lots of laughter and fun, and Meliabug gave a rousing recital of all her nursery rhymes and Christmas Carols and even started to do a bit of an impromptu scatting when she ran out of songs to sing. The adults joined right in!

I am really grateful to Harlem Mama for taking me there and Amazonian Goddess for opening up doors filled with so much love.


Azikiwe said...

I so happy for you, I could cry...your blog has taken a 180 degree turn since touchdown ! ;-)

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