Thursday, April 23, 2009

Re-learning photography

Everyday I try to learn a little more. It's been a while since I have worked with a pro camera, and when I was shooting film, there were very basic things that you could do. You just had to know how to manage aperture (opening of lens) aka f/stop; shutter speed (how fast the shutter is released to freeze/blur motion); metering (how to read the light on the subject to adjust the above and focusing (which was purely manual... twisting the focus ring to get desired subject into focus).

Now... it is much more complex, and there is so much more that you can do. In fact, if you know how to manipulate the settings, the camera can help you quite a bit. I mean seriously.

It has paid significantly to have gotten such solid professional equipment. The camera is the second best pro Nikon and the lens are the absolute best in their category. No Canon lens compare. They are tact fast, and they grab light that you cannot even see. I have veeeery little if any discernable chromatic abberation and my pics are getting better as I fiddle around more.

The only problem is that I am afraid to shoot here because I am afraid that someone is going to see my baby and think "Whoa- money tree." It's bad enough what they did to the car.

This island would be fanstastic for some model shoots- no lie. There is a street by the old harbour with lots of old run down buildings that show different layers of paint which would come out beautifully through these lens. They would also make the perfect rustic location for a high fashion shoot.

Hmmm I need to see if there is any resident fashion designer who wants a very cheap photo shoot. That would have to be my last week anyway, because I have no intention of revealing the contents of the bulky camera back that I now never leave home without.

I even sleep with it in my closet in my bedroom..just in case. It would be easier to find me than to find the camera.

Anyway, a little rain fell last night and salt ponds that were dry are now saturated, so I am going to try and sneak a few shots from the car on my way home. I will only do so though if the coast is absolutely clear.


Azikiwe said...

" is much more complex...."

I know exactly what you mean, manual cameras in my opinion allows for more concern for the subject matter without the "distractions of modernity" interfering with the pure photographic art of "painting" with light...

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