Thursday, April 23, 2009

Photography- a mood lifter

I have been real sucky since I have been back...been there and blogged about it. But something shifted slightly today... and I think it has everything to do with the fact that I was fiddling with and learnt new things about the camera today.

I do like to photograph people. Especially good looking people. And I not talking bout asymetrical and one size fits all features- I talking bout people with character... people with personality, people whose faces reveal souls and whose photographs allow me to capture their spirits.

Isnt that the essence of portraiture? Not just a smile and look pretty for the camera photo, but a shot that says...more than any varation of 1000 words could. Isn't it ironic that I love words and pictures? Welly maybe not ironic but at least interesting. Words are beautiful, and I can often find them without even thinking... but sometimes, some expressions cannot be channeled through words. Sometimes words are not enough..saying so much and yet so little. Sometimes, all it takes is one shot. Pretty much like life...this photography bit. All you really get is one shot. Pun intended.

Lights. Camera. Click.


Anonymous said...

praise the Lord!

Azikiwe said... know you have arrived when actually able to make ugly people look good ...without Photoshop !

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