Thursday, April 02, 2009

The new man

Che Mandela Fidel Obama Manley has been really good to me. Such a rebel! He gives me a proper workout though. My entire body is sore. I found myself flat on hard wood floors last night trying to get in the right position. He is demanding like that. Calls for agility and flexibility. The other day I found myself stooping down in the middle of a Harlem minor road. The results justify the means. That man is my miracle.

I am even changing lens and adjusting the settings. I am learning lots ..and fast.

I had my first studioesque portrait shoot last evening. It was really fun. My model was open minded and free and we had a beautiful creative experience with one desk lamp and my pro mid-range zoom lens. I am really getting to love this one. Pity it's really too heavy and cumbersome to walk about with.

I am going to go soak my soreness in Bohidsattva Harlem Mama's rejuvenating lavender bath salts.


Azikiwe said...

...let guess..What is YOGA ?..PILATES ?

Anonymous said...

*lafs* totally dig the name!

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