Thursday, November 19, 2009

All Natural hair and skin care

I have maintained that the good old basics are really just better... cheaper in the long run, except for the initial requirement of a lot of your precious time.

As you know my by now, though I am really a novice, I am inspired by what little I know of Ayurveda and the balancing of the doshas and chakras. Hence, whatever physical ailment is just a manifestation of things gone wrong on the inside. Mind and Spirit manifest in Body.

So, since yesterday, I have really kicked up my regimen. I pretty much went on a juice fast yesterday. It was good. I can feel my body cleansing itself. I walked yesterday and today and I will try to walk a little everyday. I actually feel my muscles working even though the pace is not fast, because a long walk is actually best for burning fat.

I have also decided to do away with shampoos and conditioners with sulfates and silicones. I am fast becoming the all natural rasta woman who uses bicarbonate of soda for deodorant (eeew). So why the drama with all natural hair care? Well for starters ,I cannot find good stuff for my hair here. At least not in the supermarket and I am not yet in a position to venture into a swanky salon in the hopes of getting a decent bottle of shampoo for 7x the cost elsewhere. The answer I guess is: necessity is the mother of invention. My hair needs help. Fast. And all these products promising to make Rapunzels of Caucasian hair are doing nothing for my Afro kink dreadlocked self.

So here's the experimental treatment:

Vinegar wash (vinegar diluted with warm water). I am using Cane Vinegar (from the pantry) because I am used to cane in the Caribbean as opposed to Apple Cider in colder climes.

This is the fun part. First cold pressed EVO (from the pantry) and egg (from the fridge). I have whisked them together to make an emulsification...This will be used as a deep conditioner and I will rinse as thoroughly as possible. Rinsing temperature should be cold (for obvious reasons).

I will tell you how it went.

BTW... the carrot soup was just barely edible. Too strong a carrot flavour. Not enough chicken stock. Made baked chicken and rice for dinner tonight.


Celia said...

Hey cuz,

I know about the egg as conditioner from years ago, it was actually beer and egg as 'deep conditioner'. I did it once and a fly would not stop buzzing around it LOLOL, but never heard about the vinegar.

Next visit to the west you will need to stock up.

Lesley-Ann Thompson said...

No bicarbonate of soda around here!! That just won't work for my fashion forward, FIERCE designer shoes wearing (tho dem a bun me) cousin. Bun de bicarbonate a sey.

Kathy said...

I used to just use the beer, and it was GREAT, but had to stop because the yeast would trigger ma eczema on my neck back.
Never heard about any of those other things.
Let us know how it goes.

Sheer Almshouse said...

Celia...The vinegar clarifies and removes build up... making hair shiny. Too much can be drying. I will do it only at intervals and use Dr. Bonner's liquid castille soap as a regular shampoo. It's 100% organic and is the base of many organic soaps plus it doesn't have any sulfates, which are particularly harsh on curly hair.

Kathy ...Never heard of beer, but from you mention eczema, I will have to stay away too. My skin is way too sensitive.

LA..No baking soda for these armpits... no guuurl. None. Zilch. Nada. Baking soda in Arm & Hammer toothpaste is as close as it gets!

Azikiwe said... can use the Alum Stone as deodorant, its pretty good !

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