Thursday, November 12, 2009

The wonders of married life

I know I haven't been post ing as much as I have been used to. But bear with me. Things change... and I guess I have just had to change with them.

I have also been busy trying to find a J-O-B since pretty much all that I had saved for my relocation has pretty much been used up in related expenses and unforeseen miscellaneous charges, yadda yadda yadda. ESC and I have been doing a really good job of keeping a tight grip on the finances and stuff, but being on one salary kind of limits us from the extraordinary luxuries. Having said that though, we are eating well and using the opportunity to really throw-down in the kitchen ourselves. We have surprised ourselves and each other with the amazing results we have had just making do with what we have. So we are very grateful for the fact that we are not hungry. The extras are trappings of comfort that are just not necessities. Plus you know what is the best part? We REALLY dig each other's company ,so spending time alone together at home is just as cool as going out anyway. It's not like we are dying to get rid of each other- yet :)

We went on the train for the first time together on Sat, for a meeting of the planning committee for a function in Dec. It was a cool experience. Fully automated without a back-up human operator. Plus pretty cheap. The only thing is that we have to take a cab to and from the train station. I need to figure out the bus system because even though he has been here fro 4 years, ESC has only gone on public transportation once and it must have been like for one or two stops. That will open me up to getting around more because cab fares are untenable (which is why I spend so much time in our little suburb).

I would like to see more of Dubai.. and will get around to it eventually. And a second CONSISTENT income means that we could afford a little travel and to save up for future expenses like further relocation and children, yadda yadda. Dubai is a great launching pad to the rest of the Eastern hemisphere and it would be lovely to be privileged to take advantage of our location. But privilege is the operative word.

I am actually really enjoying taking care of ESC and the finer comforts of having a man who will give me foot and body massages with request among many other actions which indicate his delight in cherishing me.

Anyway... I going to go cook lunch/dinner now. A one pot chicken, rice and green peas meal with ripened plantains on the side. It's my recipe... and according to my hungry belly little brothers from years ago, it is the boss!!


The Cloudcutter said...

That one pot chicken and rice thing sounds yummy. I make something similar with chicken, rice, sausages and beer! Tastes awesome but MUST be had piping hot or else it can get dry.

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