Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Beta Carotene in mi spleen

So save for one banana and a mango, I have had three cups of freshly pressed (at each sitting) carrot juice today. I am now making a soup with the pulp because I just think its a sine to waste pure pulp. All that in in there is carrot and ginger anyway.

Waste Not Want Not Carrot Soup:
Carrot Pulp from Juice extractor
Chicken Stock
Salt to taste
And the awareness that ESC would have found a way to make it better (and without all that trash) but this is not ESC and the trash is fibre that serves an entirely different and important purpose!

I did get around to that nap and it was so peaceful... no scary dreams whatsoever.

Looking forward to taking that walk everyday!


Celia said...

Could it make a pudding/pie as well?

Azikiwe said...

Walk baby,Walk !

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