Monday, November 16, 2009

Cooking Indonesian Dry Beef Curry (Rendang Pandang)

... Will let you know how this turns out.

It's a dish where you reduce the sauce so much that it just sticks to the meat (think BBQ sauce on ribs)... in a very spicy coconut dark curry kind of way.

I am very excited!!!

I have already started to defrost the beef that I seasoned over a week ago. I will cook basmati rice on the side. I may add some thyme to the rice because beef and thyme go well together. I wish I had Jasmine rice because I quite like it as a side dish to beef. I am going to experiment with a smashed potato with carrot trash left over from juicing carrots. Will also let you know about that one.

I am using a regular cut (boneless shank stew) non-expensive, originally bought for soup but decided on this instead.

BTW, I think I will follow Cloudclutter's recipe idea and do a one pot with sausage, rice and beer next month when we go shopping for a few bottles of alcohol ( a huge production under these Muslim restrictions).

Since ESC is working straight without days off for 2 weeks straight (15-16 hr days) I have increased the frequency of my cooking. In fact, I am the only one cooking these days... from breakfast burritos to exotic Jamaican, Indian, Chinese and Indonesian dinners.

Anyway, it's just one more reason for him to get his diminishing butt out of the kitchen asap at night and hurry on home to wifey!


The Cloudcutter said...

Oh cool! Want me to give you the exact recipe? I will mail it or better still put it on the blog with a dedication to you!

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