Friday, November 13, 2009

Back on the green juice regimen

Yes, ESC bought me a juice extractor, an boy have I been putting it to use!

This morning:
Romaine Lettuce
String Beans

Romaine Lettuce
Bean Sprouts

I have been adding ginger to every juice to give it a kick. Ginger has so many great properties... digestive, autoimmune, respiratory, metabolic.

I used to take Imelda's lead and an apple or a pear for a little sweetness from the intense chlorophyll but now I am forced to keep it simple. ESC doesn't like spicy like me and often says "whoa the ginger strong" but that is a good thing. He certainly wont fall asleep on the staff buss on the way to work!

I dont give him any tea in the mornings when I give him the juices because I don't want to "cook" the juice before it gets absorbed into his blood stream. I make him wait before having his green tea regimen (another of the improvements to his daily dietary intake). He is now on green tea instead of coffee to fuel his very long and tedious days (coffee gives him a crash).

I feel better since I have started juicing. Though I am having lots of weird dreams. And why on earth must they all involve babies?


Z said...

I love ginger, especially when I have a cold.

Scarily. I've dreamt a couple of times recently that I'm having a baby. Not among my plans at my age - you have one instead, yes? ;-)

Azikiwe said...

"...why on earth must they all involve babies..."-


Celia said...

Ah cuzzin fever yuh a feel???

The Cloudcutter said...

Juices are very good (only vegetables not fruit), although I hate lettuce leaves of any kind. Adding ginger is a very good idea, it's great for the system. I always add lime and ginger to my bottle gourd extract. Added benefits - clear and glowing skin!

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