Tuesday, November 17, 2009

TwentySomething Housewife Rant

OK... right this minute, I am tired of my walls. I am tired of my suburb, and I just want a challenge that is not domestic. ESC's No-day-off-for-two-straight-weeks status is driving me up the wall because he was my most reliable and loved distraction! Now, we can't talk for long or do anything together and I am just being a grump because grumpy days were meant to be had by one and all and this is one of mine and it's my day so I can be grumpy if i want to and I certainly want to because I am just feeling that way.

But seriously, I need to get a job -fast. Screw the whole "I will stay home and do what I want when I want" bit... I need to be stimulated by work, people, conversation, sights and fast before I just pack my bags and go to the airport and beg a free ticket outta here. No job means no disposable income... no disposable income means very limited opportunities to be titillated... lack of titillation incites boredom... boredom begets frustration... you get the point.

The truth is that I do like the sight of my name on a pay cheque- been getting my own since I was a 16 yo TV presenter.

Somehow, the less you have to do, the less gets done! So no, I am not working on the thesis, or the book or the photo exhibition, nor getting art photo sales and commissioned jobs in any targeted way that will produce fruitful results. I am just attacking haphazardly as the spirit moves. And dont forget one of the basic rules of entrepreneurship: you need money to make money. And even though I could just recline fully into my "Housewife" status, "you also need money to spend money." I don't want to lyme if I have to be engaging my brain as an Xcel Spreadsheet to process whether or not I can meet so and so for lunch at that particular restaurant or get to that particular gallery across town via taxi or how many gourmet coffees I can have per month. This "Housewife" thing was truly meant for the rich- an opportunity to be what you where you want to be at all times and to be available at the beck and call of husband and children. That means that domestics are certainly not on the list and a household budget is a loosely defined benchmark that is meant to be attained and broken. After all, how could anyone pass on that USD$5,000 hair accessory?

It also means that one could attend all the pottery classes, yoga classes, dance classes, language classes, personal development classes, and daily Ayurvedic spa sessions that one can manage. Of course, getting around wouldn't be a hassle because of course there's a car parked in the garage solely for your amusement. And for those times when you want to feel like your life is bigger than you... there are those charities that you chair for a better world.

Soooo.. I am fiercely, aggressively, madly looking for a job, sending my resume to all who may know someone who knows someone. ESC is sending his out to head hunters soon too. The trouble is that this will be the hardest shift. He has been here for 4 years and I have only just arrived. We will better off trying to relocate as a team of two from now on... looking simultaneously for work that suits us both.

I have really perfected the introverted elements of my personality that will stay home and locked inside unless forced otherwise. It suits me therefore to have at least a few persistent friends who never take "No" for an answer or who you just end up feeling sorry for trying so hard all the time that you finally cave in to their requests for your presence. The Banker and The Accountable One on Island Behind God's Back were those types of friends. An increasingly reclusive expat wife with a husband who works long hours (though who is himself the consummate extrovert) needs to have some good people with home grown values, good hearts and intentions, who can by fair or foully persistent means, get her ass out of the fricking house!

I hope I may have found one today- a partial housewife/partial freelance consultant who proposes to be my daily walking partner, which means ESC will have to leave the apt at the same time in the mornings! ARRRRRRRGGH!

P.S Don't get me wrong, I married a great man who provides for me and supports me in every way possible. This is not about him, its about me. He would have bought me a car prior to my arrival but I refused don't want us having car loans, especially on one (his) salary when the car would only be used for my jollification. Yes, I still have that mildly independent streak and having forced myself free from debt, I have no intention of heading back there for any reason other than to build equity in property aka mortgage. Plus the reason why things are rough right now is that relocation is extremely expensive business made worse when not subsidized my a company and finally, we just got married- which is costly even if there is no extravagance.


Kathy said...

I understand the work begets industrious behaviour mode of operation - I'm afflicted with it too. Is like working better under pressure. NO pressure, NO work! :-)

But, how about, in the meantime, doing some voluntary work. Afternoons, 2x a week, however.... It will get you out there, occupied and maybe eventually a job of some sort.
My sis-in-law just started a new job today that way. Voluntaring, impressing them and when a job opened up, they gave her. And it had nothing to do with her previous training or education.
Think about it.

Azikiwe said...

How about joining a local photography club ? Take an art degree painting ,drawing...releases the soul !

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