Friday, November 14, 2008

When is not the the button hole...

That is what Imelda#2 says when some dramatic situation gets solved only to be quickly replaced by another.

And here I am...

I am truly struggling. Mi nah lie. I holding on for dear life to all the positivity that lies within me.

"Intestinal fortitude" ascording to my Accountable Friend.

But I travel with a weak stomach. Something doesn't mesh.

One of the greatest struggles of my Twenty Something years, is finding my Zen Career Zone. What's that? When I find it, I will tell you. But seriously though, this has been a reaaally rough time for me.

I never thought it would have been this hard. And it is hard for a few reasons.

This is a small place with nothing much to do. That equated to no escape. High airfares from here means that leaving when I need a break is really not practical, unless I am comfortable with working just to pay air fare.

I have essentially taken up the kind of job that I would have avoided at all costs: you know the one where you are hired as a one man fix it shop, and your mission is to save the devil, his wife and illigitimate children from the heat of hell.

I am not a graphic designer. I dont do graphics. I explained that from the outset.

I was hired without a budget and all of a sudden it is my fault that very little is getting done?

I do not have staff. I expressed the need for help. Other areas were filled, but I, like the cheese, still stand alone. And now, they all take a bite.


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