Sunday, November 23, 2008

Home for the holidays and weddings galore

Sheer Almshouse is heading home for the holidays- JAMAICA, HERE I COME!!!

So whappen, yuh tink is ongle some people can come back a Jamaica and talk bout dem land fi di Christmus? Mi a nuh smaddy too? Cho yah!

Me haffi seh dat the whole ting THOROUGHLY THRILLS me! Ackee and saltfish, roast (and turn yellow heart) breadfruit, sorrel, Imelda's fruit cake, fatty ham, homemade sconces and bread, oh yes, and all the attendant tings like family and friends and parties and having places to dress up go, yadda yadda yadda.

Mi realise Beres Hammond giving another concert this year. You know seh mi haffi di deh pon mu yeye teet! Pity though mi nah go have nobody fi hug up farzin to say Easy Skanking Chef going to have to keep all him dance moves in the hotel kitchen in Dubai fi di rest a di year. A so life go when you tek up chef mi dear. Plenty single appearances during holidays due to the inability to get time off. But mi was single before me get him so yuh done know seh dat nah stop me from di excitement. Me and Imelda dont need no boddy fi dance and sing by we self and mek poppy show.

So baby, mi just deh yah feeling well irie. I happy to be going home. Been playing reggae since yesterday.

Mi have some wedding fi go to. Plenty people getting married mi chile. I suppose we reaching the second wave of this wedding thing. There were those in the collegiate years and now the "oh my God I am turning 30 soon" and the "oh my God I am ALREADY in my thirties" phases. Because I have friends who are slightly older than me, I have all those stages.

I am looking forward to the stage of the "been there tied knot, but will try it again phase" *hint hint. That's the stage when those who married in the collegiate year and untied the knot in subsquent years find their real life partners.

What phase am I in? I'm in the "damn it to hell, I need a lifetime buddy pass" phase. Every pun an conjugation intended. After all, stastics show that single people have less than coupled people (except one person I know who shall remain nameless).


Anonymous said...

hop offa mi fenda!

K. Andrew said...

"fatty ham" ?? GOD KARI !! PLEASE LEAVE THIS ALONE ! yu better carry that bicycle I will ycle with you in the mornings..,RAAS !

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