Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Missing Jamaica like Cook Food

I am so looking forward to going back to Jamaica in December.

I just need a break from all this.

I slept in my apartment last night for the very first time in over one month. I even managed to sleep in the back room because it was so clean. Peaches came and helped me clean the place. The back room is actually much cooler than the front room, so much so that even without air conditioning, I missed my blanket last night, especially when the rain started falling.

(I am so annoyed by the yap yap yap in this office. Sharing space with secretaries who have no idea of appropriate office protocol is a little frustrating).

There is a lot of rain here these days. The place looks like spring instead of autumn approaching winter. I love rain, so I don’t mind. I am not sure I will continue to say that when I have clothes to hang on the line, however, I still find rain rather romantic.

I think it is a Jamaican thing.

Cold rainy days means cuddling under a live blanket never gets stale. Unfortunately for me last night, I had neither a live or dead one to draw for. But that will change in December, even for just one week. Oh how I long for the warmth of my man____(insert all prepositions) me.

I am going to Margaritaville today to get a hamburger for lunch. I am craving a deli-burger (which I do every now and then).

It’s just 9:00 a.m. (that is why I hate getting to work early), but the clock still says 10:00 because we just fell back by an hour yesterday. My prayers are that no one will realise this and change the time before noon (yes I am evil).

I am really good at looking busy. I find that typing up these blog entries in Word on a very small laptop makes me look super duper professional.

Did I tell you that I have already picked out my outfit to wear home in December? It can’t come too soon.

I have been dreaming about Little Ochi, Port Royal, Lime Cay, Faith’s Pen, Spur Tree Hill, and Hellshire, not to mention Red Bones, Rib Cage, homemade sconces, bread and carmelized fatty ham.

Yes, most of my longing is centered around food and frolick, but as Easy Skanking Chef often says, “there is nothing better than “good food shared with good company.”

And so say all of us!


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