Saturday, November 15, 2008

Epiphany a la Churchill

"I am always ready to learn although I do not always like being taught."
- Winston Churchill

Doesn't that sum up this whole damn decade in a nutshell!

The lessons have been "plent many." And many have been REALLY hard. Tough pills to swallow. Some have had to be powdered by mortar and pestle to get through, and even so, they did not go down without leaving a horrible after taste.

But like Bucley's they taste awful, but they work.

Every single step has been ordered. And so to has every single obstacle.

Man drama. Work drama. Family dram. Friend drama. Health drama. Money drama. Spiritual Drama- all apart of the plot.

What is a dramatic play without drama?

I feel like I am on Act II of my own personal drama- where all the scenes heat up, and the dramatic elements rise in conflict to crescendo. But you know what happens in Act III? All conflicts are resolved and the climax settles in a nice post exctasy haze. And so, after spending your money, time, energy and emotions being wrapped up in this tangled web of a plot, you leave the theatre happy that you have just not only seen a play, but had a real experience.

I am finding myself.

Note the present continuous tense because that is a never-ending discovery. We are dynamic, and once we are open to learning and growing, we reach higher heights of self awakening. The only challenge is that often comes with change. And so once we reach higher, we are finding more and more about our continuously evolving selves.

That is what makes this life so beautiful, and yet so hard.

Learning often comes with difficult lessons, some which we do not really want to embrace. But once we do, then this whole scarcely defined thing called "life" seems much more purposeful and enjoyable after all.

There are times when we lose sight of this light at the end of the tunnel and are blinded by the darkness immediately in front of us, but that is time, when we close our eyes and see from spiritual eyes. We envision that light, even though we cannot see it in the physical, and we walk, eyes closed -but far from blinded- right into it.

I believe this is the moment in therapy that they call "The Breakthrough."



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