Saturday, November 22, 2008

Release Me

I just came across this song by Lucky Dube and I just had to share it. I was going through my music collection in preparation for my world beat radio show and the melody and harmonies distracted me from my shower. It is such a great thing to find new life in music that you never even knew you had. I find myself playing it over and over again.

It is a sweet song... a song calling for the severing of ties from the past. The most profound line in the lyrics is "sometimes love never knows when to die."

I suppose the same way we have to release the spirits of our dead loved ones, we have to release our dead loves. Just how we do that, is still a question for many. Just dont crawl back into bed for "closure."

This song calls for a doobie and Easy Skanking Chef. I miss miss our long sessions of listening to music.

Good music, inspires, challenges and even sometimes...sets us free.

by Lucky Dube (RIP)
You don' t have to come with me
Down this road
'Cause I know my way around here
Very well
It may not seem like it
From where you stand
But believe you me, I know what
I' m talking about
Letting it all go
Didn' t matter to me
'Cause I' ve done it all before
But when you left
Part of me left with you
That is why I call you now
On this phone
So please, oh please
Don' t hang up on me

Release me let me go (x 3)
But remember that
Some bridges never burn

You took your way
And I took mine
We were sure our ways
Will never meet again
Everytime I go out
With another man
I find myself calling your name
Now I know that it' s true
What they say
Sometimes love
Never knows when to die
When you went
Part of me went with you
That' s why I called you on the phone

Release me let me go
Remember that
Some bridges never burn


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