Saturday, November 01, 2008

Resident of the Dark Ages

I cannot believe that the big big US election is passing me by.

I cant watch it, because there is no TV to watch. There is no free-to-air station here so even local stations are patched through a subscriber cable network. What happens when that network is down as it has been since the hurricane hit two months ago? You keep in the dark.

Big big journalist like me dont have a clue what going on and limited internet time is mostly spent keeping in touch with family and friends.

Aw bwoy!

Just think that the world is watching the campaign of the first black US presidential campaign and I have a front seat in pitch darkness.

May grace enlighten my darkness.


K. Andrew said...

...almost everybody on this "islant" plan to be at home on November 4...maybe the gunmen will also put down their guns for this day just as they did during our track exploits at the recent olympics...

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