Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunday in Harlem

It is a peaceful day. It comes after a late night. There is a light drizzle and it is COLD outside...but it is so warm inside.

I feel so loved in this little place. I do. There is a whole lot of good vibes in these walls.

I am flying to Atlanta for Easter:)

Every is just filled with a whole lotta chicken soup for my weary soul


Anonymous said...

This is sure to be one of the best Easter Hols ever.

All I can say is get the camera ready!

Wi cyaaann wait 2 c u!!!;)

K (Atl)

Azikiwe said...

yeh girl...happy for you ;-)) !

graceonline said...

What absolutely lovely, graceful writing! I've just spent several blissful moments absorbing the images in words and pics. Thank you for following my blog. I might never have found yours had you not.

Sheer Almshouse said...

K-- Camera set.

Azi-- thanks hon. It was really good to have come.

Grace-- I appreciate your kindness. Welcome. Stay as long as you like.

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