Monday, March 16, 2009

Back outdoors

I went to watch the movie yesterday. It seems kindness is popping up in small doses from places. I have tried to modify my expectations of people to expect the worse, so I am pleasantly surprised when I find a flower blooming through concrete. I try to remind myself that it is a stray flower, with no hopes of finding company among more of its kind, restricted as it is by its concrete casing.

I am back in the office this morning. The boss has offered me more time off if I need it. He and another person also suggested that I move. It is his niece who owns my duplex so I am not inclined to think his suggestion has any other motive than my own best interest.

I am listening to "The Promise" by Tracy Chapman. Beautiful song. Really beautiful. Makes me want to see my man in the most profound way. It would be nice to spend a month with him on his turf and get out of here for a while. To share nights and mornings... and go out in the desert to think and talk. But that is wishful thinking. In spite of that... my heart is there with him...even though his is here with me. If only they could just hover in the same country.


Azikiwe said...

..such inspiration, when you think all is lost & depression looms...there you experience the indomitable spirit of a flower blooming through concrete...this helps...

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