Wednesday, March 18, 2009

So happy I could cry

I am. But not in a laughy laughy kya kya kya way. Just in a sublime peace... that comes from realising that no matter how rough things get, and how those times can shake my faith, I am never alone. The Big Man is on my team. Batting, shielding, umpiring, scoring and leading the cheering section.

All things work together for good. Even this car drama.

I would not have gone to the states for months if it were not for this... and I do need that break now.

I will be seeing my cousins and their little ones (and those on the way shhhhh) and I am just so thrilled. We all lymed at my place some time ago... three of us slept on a double bed. We were all thinner then :)

It's good to be loved... and its good to know that I am loved even when they are people out there who are trying to make me feel otherwise.


Azikiwe said... your joy,after all ..ITS YOURS ! ;-)

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