Monday, March 02, 2009

No Lazy Bone

I just realised something about me. There is hope for me after all. I hate not having mutliple projects at work. I thrive on having lots to do and things to plan for. I am actually excited today because I have a function (a big launch which presents much of my work) plus the launch a radio programme for the public service, the first ever that the Island Behind God's Back has ever seen or heard.

I also have two newsletters working on- the general one and one tailored for leaders/managers and a regional conference for big-wigged regional officials being held here. I am even getting money to spend. Nine months after I took up this job.

So I feel quite energised.

Could also be that I haven't had rice and weeks.

No seriously, what accounts for the excitement? Otherwise, these projects have all been on the table, but I guess nothing beats the buzz before showtime!

The only thing that could top this is seeing Easy Skanking Chef at the airport at 12:30 when I go to pick up my new BlackBerry.


Azikiwe said... rice is good ! Your last statement is encouraging as well! ;-)

Sheer Almshouse said...

Yes...conflicts resolved. One day at a time. Will have to chat OTR

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