Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Developments prior to departure

I had booked the 8:30am flight for the island with the international airport tomorrow, but I think I am going to change it to leave later.

I am tired... and no use going over there to do nothing. I need to get the police report from here too before I leave so that I can drop off the claim to the insurance brokers.

Plus unless I get up at 6:00, I am going to be very tired and cranky. I dont leave the country until 8:00 am Wednesday morning anyway. I just feel like I need to be in a mad rush.

I just need to get out of bed by 8am to change the flight. There is no penalty for changing domestic flights within the same day ticketed.

I am tired. And hungry. And it's already 1:00am.

Imelda, I may just take the big black bag after all. Pancake mix is a lot cheaper in the states than here.


Azikiwe said...

...i agree...please take it easy on yourself ....

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