Tuesday, March 03, 2009

When it takes a village to raise one block

First things first, I did my work plan... capitalized on Imelda's template which made it much less formidable than the convoluted one now being proposed by one who has too much time on her hands and is always busy writing useless papers. But I went a step further. I did it for every month for the entire year. Yes, if is work plan they want, work plan they going to get. I will not be bothered with this foolishness every three months.

I don't know when since a work plan became the sum total of assessment, but hey, this is the Island Behind God's Back and when foreign ideas are imported, some things just get lost at sea.

I did it, saved it as a pdf, complete with my footer. This is the land of intellectual property theft. How can somebody steal your own work? Well I have seen them steal reports, even mine. Literally. Take ownership and all.

The excitement about planning these functions is quickly diminishing for a few reasons. First, I am being called to at least two meetings a week to discuss. I don't think these people get the point that this is chicken feed for me. Especially since I dont have a budget to spend anyway and any real creativity is excessively contained. I get annoyed with the talking talking and the dumb questions as to why I want a simple thing.

So... at this point, I am just preparing for yet another meeting to discuss what? I don't know. I really thought that my Contact Report had detailed all the responsibilities and relevant accountability, and that people would be busy getting shit done for the better part of the next week. I guess not. Here, it takes an entire village to move a block


Azikiwe said...

"...when foreign ideas are imported, some things just get lost at sea...."

COMMON SENSE overboard ! Ahoy !


Kathy said...

Patience my child, patience. Like yu seh - dem backward.

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